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SUBJECT: JRES PTO Newsletter: PTO Mtg, Thanksgiving Feast, Book Fair and More

         JRES PTO Newsletter 

        November 13, 2023

Upcoming Dates:
  • Monday Nov. 13 - Friday Nov. 17: Scholastic Book Fair!

  • Tuesday, Nov. 14 - 8:30 AM PTO Meeting at Macey’s Starbucks 

  • Thursday, Nov. 15th - 7:30 AM - 8:15AM Books & Bagels before school 

  • Friday, Nov. 16th: Dress as your favorite book character & earn a prize for bringing the corresponding book! 

  • Friday, Nov. 17th - Thanksgiving Feast for Teachers and Staff

  • Thanksgiving Break Wednesday 11/25 - Monday 11/27

  • Friday, Dec. 15 - PTO Holiday Social 8:30AM 

Teacher & Staff Thanksgiving Feast

To donate an item, click here. Donation items can be dropped off Friday, 11/17 8:00 am to 10:30 am at the Faculty Lounge.

Book Fair

Volunteers are needed to help make the Book Fair a success! Please sign up here for slots before and after school. Thanks for your help! 

Counselor's Corner

Happy November!  

The focus of each grade level’s Healthy Lifestyles Classes for the month of November are below:

Kinder - Moving on from mistakes and learning to show care for others (book “It’s Okay to Make Mistakes”) & Learning how to work through feeling frustrated (book “My Many Colored Days”)

1st - Moving on from mistakes and learning to show care for others (book “oops Clifford”) & Learning to calm ourselves when we experience a strong feeling (look for the “Angry Kitty” packet to come home, book “Don’t Blow Your Top”)

2nd -  Showing Compassion (book “Cara’s Kindness”, ask your child about their friendship cake) & Learning to calm when we experience a strong feeling (look for the “Angry Kitty” packet to come home,  book “Don’t Blow Your Top”)

3rd - Showing Compassion (book “All are Welcome”) & Working through uncomfortable feelings (book “Ruby Finds a Worry”, look for the butterfly in hand to come home)

4th - Working through strong feelings (book “The Bad Seed”, look for a seed to come home) & Working through anxious feelings (book “Scaredy Squirrel”)

5th - Working through anxious feelings (book “The Good Egg”) & Problem-Solving (ask your child to tell you the problem-solving steps)

We are really trying to promote positive behavior at JRES and beyond. Please ask your child to share with you how they may earn Class Dojo points, and all the options for redeeming those points at school.  We are hopeful that reinforcing positive behaviors at school through this system will really help all students.

Thank you for sharing your kids with us!  

Allison Egge 

Green Team

Green Team:

  • We’ll take your (empty) candy wrappers until the end of November in the front hallway! You can also drop off plastic bags and unwanted sneakers. 

  • Don’t forget about our community compost drop point right near across from school on Bluebird Lane. This is *free* - just collect your food scraps at home and drop them in the green bin. 

  • Check out this great article in the Park Record about our new PCSD sustainability coordinator, our own Shelby Cornett!

  • Save your household items for our STEM classes! Mrs. Newcomb  is looking for small to medium items that you would otherwise toss in the recycle bin:

    • toilet and paper towel tubes

    • small cardboard boxes

    • plastic tubs and bottles

    • small plastic containers (like yogurt cups or playdough tubs or peanut butter jars)

    • magazines (or other paper) that have lots of nature pictures, especially leafy green environments

    • bottle caps, tin cans etc. 

As long as they’re clean and not dangerous (no glass or sharp stuff), she will take them! The tubs will be turned into robots and the magazines will be cut up for habitat projects. Drop items off in the bin in the entryway to school. 

Youth Sports Alliance
Musical Theater Production Coming to JRES!

We’re bringing a musical theater production to JRES April 1-6!  In order to make it happen, we’re looking 3 things:

  1. A coordinator/ committee to work with the theater company on details - this is a fun volunteer role and not a big lift!

  2. A place for two people from the theater company to stay from April 1-6 - do you have a rental or room? 

  3. A piano accompanist for Wednesday - Saturday evening 

If you can help us with any of these, please reach out to Anna or Amanda, or jrescommunications@gmail.com. Thanks!

Looking Ahead
Monday, November 13
7:30a Book Fair
Tuesday, November 14
12:00a Book Fair
8:30a November PTO Meeting
Wednesday, November 15
12:00a Book Fair
Thursday, November 16
12:00a Book Fair
Friday, November 17
12:00a Book Fair
Wednesday, November 22
12:00a Teacher Compensation Day
Thursday, November 23
Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, November 24
Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, December 15
8:30a Holiday PTO Member Social
8:30a Holiday Social for PTO Members
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